Luke Jennings Tree Surgery understands that
 maintaining trees is important to the environment,
 therefore we carry out the following services 
to ensure every tree is looked after and allowing 
the tree to flourish. 

Trees deserve special attention from experienced
 tree care professionals. We can offer you a qualified, insured 
and experienced team regardless of how big or small 
the job is. 

      CROWN  THINNING        

"Crown Thinning' is a process where we thin the
crown of all dead wood and smaller branches 
allowing more light to flow through the crown of
 the tree without reducing the overall size. 


"Crown Reductions" is a process where the 
whole crown of the tree is reduced in size, 
usually from 20 - 30 %. This also includes 
removing dead wood and unwanted branches. 
The crown is reduced and thinned in all directions 
leaving it a healthy and balanced shape.

       CROWN  LIFTING           

"Crown Lifting" consists of removing the lower 
limbs of the tree in order to give the plants 
on the ground more light.  It helps to stop
 the growth on fungi on the tree allowing more 
sunlight and air to circulate. It can also provide 
clearance for pedestrians, vehicles and buildings below. 


We are aware in some circumstances it is necessary 
to remove a tree due to safety reasons such as property 
damage or if the tree is diseased and dying. Regardless of 
the size we are able to remove the tree quickly 
and safely with a highly experienced team.

        STUMP  REMOVAL        

We use a machine called a stump grinder to 
slowly and safely remove the unwanted stump 
from the ground. The stump is ground into 
sawdust where you can cover with soil to 
ground level. 


"Pollarding" isn't suitable for all trees. Usually 
undertaken on street trees, it allows the
 roots to retain and this is best for fast 
growing trees such as willow and lime trees. 
This process helps to keep the trees and shrubs 
smaller than they would naturally grow. The tree will still 
continue to grow and live a long healthy life.

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